Supporting material

On this side you will find additional material that may help you to understand the topics of the lecture. Many algorithms are available in source code and some of them are even visualized. For questions and comments please contact René Thiemann.

Last update: August, 6th (now included: start-node selection for Dijkstra and Bellman Ford visualization)


You can download a visualization of various search-trees and some sorting and graph algorithms or directly start it as a web-start application or as an applet. (The web-start version will on demand download the required JRE whereas for the applet you have to make sure that a new enough version of Java (JRE 6.0) is installed.) The downloaded version can be started with the following command.
java -jar vis.jar
Note that there might be problems when starting the visualization under linux if one uses with the Beryl window manager. (Click here for more information)

Source Code

You can download all sources in a tgz-archive or browse the source online.


You can browse the documentation online or you can download a tgz-archive.